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Mars the Magician Book 1: Mars Does Magic© introduces us to an 8 year old boy named Mars.
One summers day Mars discovers that he can do magic. He practices his new craft completely unaware that doing magic comes with rules.

Not knowing any better Mars breaks one of the rules causing the unthinkable to happen. In order to fix his mistake young Mars must embark on a great journey to retrieve something dear. Faced with extraordinary challenges, will he find the precious item before it is too late?
This journey is the first of many that Mars will encounter as he grows up and learns the way of magic. Discover his story in the Mars the Magician© series.

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Mars the Magician, Book 1: Mars Does Magic Reviews

By Amazon Customer on March 2, 2016
"Mars the Magician", is an interesting story with an unexpected twist. The author uses an intricate mix of imagination, magic and spiritism. Mars learns the lesson of a lifetime. Good read.